Why I will not be jumping on the Green Party bandwagon.

I will not be voting Green, for three main reasons that I’d like to share.

1) I do not trust Natalie Bennett. I have met Natalie, who is standing in Camden where I work, a couple of times. She said publicly at an Education Question Time event that we held last year that she supported the ‘South of the Euston Road’ school. I expressed surprise, and we sought confirmation from her that she knew this school could only happen if it was a Free School (which the Green Party education policy specifically are against). She nodded that she knew that, but said that it was a ‘nice area’ and ‘deserved it’s own school’. I was a little incredulous.  How can one be completely opposed to Free Schools, want to bring them all back into the state sector and stop any more being built (as they have declared in their manifesto) and yet support one in the area where you want to get elected because it’s ‘a nice area’ that ‘deserves it’s own school’ so the children “don’t have to cross Euston Road”  (there are buses!  And they’re environmentally friendly).  She has since quietly told us that she doesn’t support it after all, but she hasn’t publicy refuted what she said then (which was to a small audience). I think this is because she knows that the parents who support that campaign are her best hope being elected.

Politicians do these things all the time, but the Greens are trying to convince us they are different, and I think this one – little reported – example shows how Natalie Bennett at least – is not different.

2) They are very unlikely to get any seats other than Caroline Lucas (who I like and respect a lot). So therefore any vote for them just means taking a vote away from a more likely opposition and thus letting the Tories back in. I know that a Proportional Representation system would have made this different, but we don’t have one, so we need to vote accordingly and sensibly.

3) Ed Miliband’s not the most charismatic geezer in the world, but I don’t think that’s particularly important. The more we go around dissing him for that, the more we’re buying into that belief. Yes it’s true that Labour haven’t got the most left-wing manifesto in the world, and the Greens have got something a bit better… but it’s easy to promise the world if you don’t have a chance of getting in (look at what Lib Dems promised before the last election, and what they actually delivered). I worry that lots of the recent surge of support for Greens is because people hope for a Greens/Labour coalition in the event of a hung parliament. But actually, I think the chances are still quite high of a Labour majority, at least if you keep entertaining the idea, rather than huffing and puffing when Ed Miliband makes a mistake.

I say all this by the way (in order of importance) as someone who isn’t and has never been a Labour party member or particularly a supporter. I am far to the left of most of the Labour party in my own politics. But I also think I’m a bit of a pragmatist and what I really don’t want is for the Tories to be involved in any way in our next government.  And I think that Labour are the only party with a realistic chance of achieving that.  So whether I think Ed Miliband is the best candidate, or Labour the best party, or not… that is who I am likely to vote for.

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One Response to Why I will not be jumping on the Green Party bandwagon.

  1. Steve Cramp says:

    I think it’s worth pointing out that Lucas was busy slagging off Labour yesterday when they’ve single handedly halted fracking in this country through the amendments that came to the Commons.

    The moratorium proposed elsewhere and supported by the Greens called a halt but did *nothing* thereafter, so the same threadbare rules would apply and, I’m fairly sure, the Tories would nod fracking through.

    So much for practicalities. I’m beginning to warm to Labour as they’ve shown a lot of guts over this one.

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