Martin Crowe

I saw Martin Crowe bat but a few times in real life.  A couple of times for Wellington at the Basin Reserve (where he formed a formidable opening partnership with Richard Reid, from memory in one day cricket).

But my favourite memory is from about 1994.. Crowe had left the Australia tour after the first test before Christmas 1993(?)  It turned out to be his last test as Captain.  His knee was finally giving way, but he wasn’t ready to stop (his career was tragically short compared to many players).  After yet more surgery and more recuperation, he wanted to make the England tour (in which he subsequently scored two test centuries, including his 142 at Lords, which many are today describing as one of his greatest innings).

So during the lunch break of what might have been a Shell Cup semi-final, he came out on to the pitch, fully kitted up, including his headband.  Children lined up to help ‘bowl Martin Crowe back into form’.  There was a long line of them as he gracefully stood there for half an hour, padding up, pretending to be deceived by good balls… I don’t remember him being bowled, although I do remember the odd ball he stepped up to and hit out of the park…  I don’t recall any kids crying, I think they expected it.

I was too old to join in the fun, but had I done so I think my proudest moment on a cricket field would have been Martin Crowe hitting me for six.

RIP Martin Crowe…  your career was too short and your life was too short but you’ll never be forgotten.


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