A good night for Labour in spite of the odds – think what they could do without the odds stacked against them…

The key result from last night’s elections (to date, the London mayoralty is still to be counted and announced) is that Labour made gains from the Conservatives in the South of England.

This is the bit that the mainstream media will least report on, but definitely the most significant.  The South of England is Conservative heartland and not only are they losing ground here, but losing it to Labour.  Showing perhaps that last year’s Election victory for them wasn’t a seachange but a one-off?

Scotland isn’t as significant.  Sadly, as others have pointed out, the key divide in Scotland isn’t now Right-Left, but Unionist-Independence.  Labour supporters in Scotland are split on the issue of Independence, but the Conservatives are resolutely Unionist.  In fact the Conservative vote hasn’t grown much in Scotland, it’s just that virtually everyone that used to vote Labour now votes SNP.

Labour supporters (like myself) shouldn’t worry about this too much.  No further Independence campaign is coming (unless we vote to leave the EU which hopefully won’t happen) and as long as SNP stays anti-Austerity and anti-Tory then that’s okay – Labour ideas at least are holding people.  If the SNP (as some of us expect) turn a bit more Right Wing, then their supporters will come back to Labour.  It’s the Conservatives who should be more worried in Scotland.  Ruth Davidson is a great leader, but apart from that, they haven’t managed to convince many non-converts of their package.

So overall, a strong night for Labour – despite what some would have you believe.  And all this despite the fact that various cohorts, from the Mann-ites within the Labour party, to virtually every mainstream media outlet have tried to do as much as they can to ruin Labour’s chances.  If they even got neutral press think how well they would be doing.  It’s a hard slog still to 2020 and the press are unlikely to be on their side – their will be worse mud-slinging and accusations to come than the blatant racism directed towards Sadiq Khan or the labelling of criticism of Israel as anti-Semitism… but Labour’s not doing too badly.